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Foundation Engineering

The durability of any permanent structure begins and ends with its foundation. BSM Engineering has exceptional deep and shallow foundation project success with offshore, near shore and land-based operations.

Our expertise and knowledge of soil-structure analysis and directing geotechnical investigations save time and money for structural systems of all sizes and types.  We leverage a deep understanding of geotechnical soil properties and structural engineering to select the right tools and foundation type for the proposed construction plan.

Shallow Foundations

  • Detailed structural analyses, retrofit, design and installation of shallow foundations for buildings, bridges and various other structures

Deep Foundations

  • Structural systems training and experience helical anchors, auger cast piles, drilled shafts, timber pile splicing and sub-marine retrofits.
  • Years of specialized experience in both Marine and Land-based Deep Foundation Operations projects that include:
    • Dynamic pile driving monitoring
    • Environmental permitting support for marine deep foundations
    • Design of driven pipe piles
    • Design of precast concrete piles, drilled shafts and auger cast in place piles (ACIP)
    • Design of Micropile foundation systems

Shored Excavations & Braced Cuts

  • Thorough assessment of cofferdams and other structural element constructions
  • Design of vertical earth cuts and cutoffs
  • Design of dewatering walls in both land and marine applications
  • Design of tie back sheet pile, combination and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls
  • Design of braced cofferdams for deep excavations on land and in marine environments

Dynamic Testing with Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA)

BSM Engineering has expertise using highly specialized PDA equipment to conduct dynamic load testing to optimize the safety and cost-efficiency of major bridge projects, high rise building foundations, and other public and private marine and land-based pile driving contracts.

Working together with contractors, BSM has helped owners save on significant costs by establishing QA/QC programs and conducting PDA testing for soil and other conditions.

PDA testing helps engineers determine the value of their deep foundation project with data such as force transferred with impact and total pile resistance. It also helps determine damage along the length of a pile and provides real-time field data via wireless transmitters for long-range contractor support.