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Construction Engineering

All projects should be built on a collaborative effort between contractors and engineers. Our emphasis on strong construction engineering experience, strengths and skills is greatly enhanced by our expertise in various construction methods like traditional design, bid and build projects.

Our construction engineering services include:

Planned Demolitions

  • Local permit acquisition
  • Safe handling and disposal of demolition materials in an approved manner with respect to environmental and worker health concerns
  • Wrecking ball demolitions
  • Controlled demolitions in confined building spaces
  • Materials salvage and building reconstruction salvage

Temporary Structures

  • Braced-steel sheet-pile cellular cofferdams
  • Timber or steel framing in false work or formwork construction
  • Wet concrete support during curing
  • Design of temporary bridges for bridge construction or replacement

Shored Excavations and Cofferdams

Design of:

  • On shore, on land, marine environment and retaining walls
  • Tie-back wall systems
  • Soldier pile walls
  • Cellular sheet pile bulkhead walls
  • Helical anchor tiebacks
  • Post-tensioned soil anchors and nails
  • Deep basements for high rise buildings and ‘top down’ shored excavation