Market Sectors

Building Structures

Our building design experience is broad and diverse, ranging from the design, evaluation and retrofitting of commercial and industrial buildings to the preservation of historic buildings.

BSM Engineering possesses extensive experience with waterfront structures in high seismic regions, applying the full range of seismic engineering principles required for buildings and structures using modern and historic building codes.

We have successfully executed new construction and remodel projects involving a variety of materials including wood, steel, masonry and concrete as well as carbon and steel Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP), aluminum and historical materials and shapes.

Low, Medium and High Rise Buildings

Design of:

  • High-rise luxury condominiums
  • Multi-story residential structures
  • Office buildings
  • Resort buildings
  • Industrial and process buildings

Existing Building Evaluations

  • Analysis and consultation regarding planned remodels or modifications to help owners anticipate costs, requirements and impact on lateral resistance to wind or earthquake forces.

Site Evaluation and Selection

  • Provision of technical input before property and building owners make large, non-refundable investments like land purchases or consultant hires
  • Conservation of time and financial resources by review of site soil borings, identifying foundation and superstructure framing requirements, gauging soil strength properties, testing seismic resistance and assessing other building code requirement findings