Who We Are

Principal & Founder

Bill Marczewski, PE, M. ASCE has more than two decades of leadership experience working with design and construction firms, providing project management, engineering design, construction support and deep foundation troubleshooting and capacity determination services.

Bill has served as principal-in-charge, design team leader, independent consultant and team member on many structural engineering projects associated with multi-story buildings, specialty bridges and marine structures for port and harbor facilities. Many of these projects were large in scale and required the assembly of a well-managed team to complete the design efforts.

He has advanced knowledge of seismic engineering principles and the soil-structure interaction associated with deep foundation piling systems. Additionally, Bill has experience in the condition assessment of existing structures located onshore and/or within coastal zones (buildings, bridges and non-building structures); design of specialty bridges for the mining industry in Alaska and Texas; and management, planning and peer review of specialty and marine structures.

Bill is a highly qualified project team leader with extensive experience in engineering design and onsite construction, working with a wide variety of project types, sizes and budgets. His diverse skill set and field experience enable him to ensure consistent delivery of critical project solutions across a broad range of industry sectors.