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Engineering Services

Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE&I) Services: We often provide CE&I services to general and specialty contractors in the form of temporary shoring; concrete false work; temporary or detour work bridge designs; controlled demolition of existing structures; and equipment load capacity determination over structures as required to perform the project work.

Value Engineering & Redesign Recommendations: BSM Engineering understands that clients often possess contract documents that have not been prepared using the most efficient or state-of-the-art design methodologies. We offer our specialized knowledge under these circumstances to assist the owner, contractor or stakeholder in obtaining the best installation-to-value ratio possible.

Permitting and Preliminary Engineering Concept Designs: We have provided many concept designs for ports, cities, counties, municipal jurisdictions and private clients in support of tenant acquisition, land leased or owner developed projects. In addition, we have provided permitting and support services to project owners with the major regulatory agencies. Our experience includes working successfully with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Division of State Lands (DSL), Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), National Marine Fisheries (NMF) and the US Department of Fish and Wildlife (USDF&W).

Structural Design and Engineering: We have the ability to perform structural design using high levels of advanced engineering solutions for our clients. Our experience and training include seismic, wind and wave engineering for buildings, bridges, marine and other structures. We are experienced utilizing modern building and bridge code requirements for many materials including wood, steel, concrete, masonry, aluminum, stainless steel and fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) for concrete strengthening.

Marine Use Planning, Terminal and Facility Design: Merging maritime terminal facilities and planning into a single project requires a broad knowledge of the civil engineering profession. Our planning services are directed toward marine use of industrial and recreational facilities, and also include site selection planning to optimize the intended use of available land. Our knowledge of civil site and structural design in combination with our skills in the fields of geotechnical and coastal engineering make us ideally suited to develop designs for waterfront-marine facilities.

Civil Design and Engineering: We offer civil engineering design services with experience in the design of pipeline crossings, commercial and residential site development plans for road and parking layout, drainage, grading and utility installation. We have a strong knowledge of ground improvement techniques to enhance foundation bearing capacities as well as many techniques and products for helping to contain hazardous materials and prevent leaching into nearby water sources.

Grading, Drainage & Utility Plans: We coordinate our site surveys with local surveyors in the region where the work is to be performed. Our site designs are efficient and seek to utilize the existing infrastructure whenever appropriate.

Water Resource Infrastructure: The conveyance of drinking or wastewater from the source to the point of demand is essential to daily living. Since many conveyance systems are also structural systems, we are capable of making large contributions in this element of construction.  From pipelines to fire hydrants, we are aware of the design requirements and potential pitfalls.

Environmental Containment: Containment structures or techniques are often required for hazardous waste cleanup projects as well as in the marine environment where contaminated sediments tend to be deposited under river action.

Foundation Engineering: We have been involved with a large number of shallow and deep foundation projects as well as bulkhead and retaining structures for near-shore, off-shore and land-based operations.  Utilizing our knowledge of soil-structure interaction, we can direct the geotechnical investigation and provide support services to complement the preferred structural system, which often saves the owner considerable time and money.

Coordination of Geo-Exploratory Reports: The ideal project conditions would allow our office to select, coordinate and pre-qualify the final geotechnical report recommendation. Under this method of direction we have had exceptional project success in the historically vulnerable market sector of deep foundations.

Deep and Shallow Foundations: Our experience includes the design, repair and retrofit of many shallow foundations, and the new design and installation of many driven pile deep foundations systems. Actively involved with the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) we have been trained in a variety of structural systems to include helical anchors, auger cast piles, drilled shafts and the splicing of timber piles and sub-marine retrofits.

Shored Excavations & Cofferdams: Our extensive client base of heavy civil contractors has afforded us the opportunity to work on numerous vertical earth cuts and cutoff or dewatering walls in both land and marine applications. We have experience with tie back sheet pile walls, combination and MSE walls, and braced cofferdams for deep excavations on land and in the marine environment.

Demolition Services: As frequent designers of structural systems, we have learned many of the ‘means and methods’ contractors employ to install and dismantle existing structures. We understand the modern construction techniques associated with a safe dismantling and site removal procedure. We have been involved with demolition projects for buildings, bridges and other structures containing environmentally sensitive material.